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Problems That Hard Water Can Cause for Business Owners

Most people do not know the significance of water quality. High-quality, clean water is, of course, essential for residential purposes. However, business owners should also focus on the quality of water used for everyday needs. Especially hard water causes an adverse effect on your business. So, why should you avoid using hard water for commercial needs? Learn about its negative effects and find the solutions for water quality issues below.

Formation of hard water

The term ‘hard water’ refers to the water in which the mineral concentration is very high. So, harder water means higher mineral concentration. Calcium and magnesium are common minerals accumulated in water. But, there are other non-liquid minerals and contaminants in hard water. Though rainwater is soft, it hits porous rocks and collects particles. When it strikes non-porous rocks (like granite), it does penetrate the rock. During this cycle, water may collect mineral particles. However, water hardness is not good for your industrial and commercial properties.

What problems does hard water cause to your business?

Hard water is unsuitable for your commercial purposes.

Mineral accumulation on your equipment and industrial fixtures:

The biggest problem caused by hard water is that it increases mineral build-up on your industrial equipment and fixtures. Hard water has minerals, like iron and calcium accumulation in the commercial plumbing systems. The mineral deposit accumulation may result in the degradation of the performance of your industrial fixtures.

Affect the safety and health of workers:

Hard water problems in your commercial premises are not safe for your employees. For example, mineral build-ups on shower heads and taps attract harmful bacteria. As they access the water supply lines, they can pose a risk to your worker’s health. Besides, exposure to hard water may lead to skin irritation and several other issues. As a business owner, you are responsible for keeping your employees hazard-free. So, installing a solution from Aqua Clear Water Systems in your business premises is the best decision.

Higher energy costs:

If you use hard water for operating or cleaning your industrial fixtures, it causes an accumulation of minerals on their surface and internal parts. Mineral deposits can restrict the water flow. So, the industrial systems will draw more energy to pump water through your plumbing lines. It results in costlier utility bills.

Lower efficiency of cooling towers and boilers:

Boilers and cooling towers are often used in many manufacturing units. But, mineral deposit formation on their walls may decrease efficiency. Minerals like magnesium and calcium ions react with detergents and soaps to create a sticky material. The scale build-up will decrease the potential to transfer heat.

Higher repair costs:

If you regularly use hard water for your industrial equipment, it leads to increased maintenance needs. Accumulated minerals in pipes cause blockages and corrosion. Besides, metal components like pumps and valves will corrode within a short time. Ultimately, you need to hire professionals to repair them.

So, install a clear water system that will soften the water and keep your industrial fixtures safe.

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