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London Solicitors’ Guide to UK Immigration

Applying for UK immigration can be tricky and intricate. One must understand the entire process to get it right. London Solicitors are here to help. Our efficient professionals can make this a seamless journey for you.

Decoding the UK Spouse Visa!

The Spouse Visa is also famous as a Marriage Visa. If your partner is a UK citizen, it becomes hassle-free and the best opportunity for you to get your residence set up there quickly. Non-UK spouses can utilize this chance to search for employment possibilities for themselves. The UK Spouse Visa promotes economic security and serves the populace with efficient engagement in the workforce.

Eligibility criteria for UK Spouse Visa

If you wish to apply for a UK spouse Visa, watch for the following! 

  • Legal marriage with a British citizen or an individual holding settled status in the UK. It demonstrates the crucial need to create a relationship that is recognized by the laws of the UK.
  • The relationship must be legitimate and ongoing for at least 2 years or more, with Basic English language at A1 level. The former can be proved through joint accounting information, testimonials, photographs, etc.
  • Financial security—Partners should have sufficient funds to maintain at least a basic standard of living or a yearly wage of £18,600.
  • Proficiency in the English language – One must prove that they have a degree taught in the English language or have cleared an English language exam.

The initial Visa granted is valid for up to 2.5 years and can be extended. After 5 years of ongoing residence, individuals can apply for indefinite leave to remain.

Understanding Sponsor License Application London

This is an authorized license granted by the UK Government. It allows companies to hire individuals from countries outside the European economic area, such as Switzerland. Businesses can utilize this opportunity to hire people from various parts of the world and use their skills in their areas of expertise. Read all to learn the eligibility criteria for a sponsor license application London.

  • It must be a legally established and ongoing entity in the UK working according to rules and regulations;
  • Should not have any record of criminal charges associated with immigration offenses;
  • There must be ongoing HR operations that concentrate exclusively on controlling and handling the sponsored staff in the enterprise.

There are certain documents required to apply for a sponsor license application.

  • Recent, certified accounts; 
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance Certificate;
  • VAT registration certificate;
  • Corporate bank account statement;
  • HMRC registration evidence; 
  • Lease/Ownership of business premises. 

How is a Skilled Worker Visa in the UK Best Explained?

Skilled Worker Visa UK, also denoted with Tier 2 (General) Visa, is a unique opportunity for professionals who have secured a job position from a UK-based firm and enjoy a sponsor license that makes it feasible. Therefore, a skilled worker visa in the UK offers ample rights to settle there. You should offer your valued expertise and ascertain projecting professional abilities to the workforce under this visa. It grants a residence permit in the UK for up to 3 years, thus proving helpful for one to settle. 

There are certain requirements to get a skilled worker visa in the UK; one must match these to apply. Check out the requirements below! 

  • You must work for a UK employer with a sponsor’s license. You are advised to show a certificate of sponsorship that you may have received from the employer, which thoroughly describes the role you are offered to showcase. Such a role should be on eligible occupations with a minimum income list.
  • Individuals offered the job must clear a Secure English language test (SELT) with a B1. Alternative options are available to meet this requirement.
  • To ensure you have the necessary means to support yourself, you must adhere to the maintenance requirement of £1,270 held for 28 days. The other option is that your Tier A sponsor can verify this requirement.


The UK immigration system can be intermediate; however, with the guidance we provide at London Solicitors, we make the task easy for you and help you achieve the necessary visas. Our team at London Solicitors is readily available to provide a comprehensive guidebook for your immigration journey. 

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