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How To Spot Counterfeit Money and Get for Sale

Counterfeit money is now a growing concern. Because of the advanced technology, it is increasing day by day. Last year $22 million fake money was detected according to the United States secret service. But fake money can be legal if it is used for entertainment or shooting purposes. Retailers and small businesses should be aware of fake money, so they can prevent their business loss. In this blog, we will discuss how to spot counterfeit money and where to get undetectable counterfeit money for sale

Understanding Counterfeit Money

Prevalence and Scope

Counterfeit money is the money that is produced to deceive people. It has been produced since the introduction of coins as a form of currency. Advanced technology makes it easier for counterfeiter to make the fake bills. They can produce a huge amount of money within a short time. Also, their product is very similar to real notes. As a result, It is hard to identify. The United States Secret Service reported that now $70 million fake bills are in circulation in the US alone.

Economic Impact

The consequences of the fake bills can impact badly on a country’s economy. The most amount of fake money is produced in North Korea. Some people consider the Korean USD much better than real USD. When the fake bills are discovered, the small businesses and individuals fall under huge losses. Moreover, the existence of fake bills in the market hampers the trust of the financial system. 

Types of Counterfeit Money

The counterfeiters mainly target the most commonly used bills for circulation. Because it is easy to include with real bills. The most used bills are US $20 and $100 notes. They use high quality printing and design to produce the fake bills. Also, some counterfeiters use the low value notes and print high value amounts. In this way the texture remains the same.

How to Spot Counterfeit Money

Educate Yourself and Your Staff

At first, you will need to learn about the security features of genuine currency. Also, you have to train your employees about it. You will get the most detailed information on the US Treasury website. There you can better understand the security features like watermarks, color-shifting ink, and security threads.

Physical Examination

Look, Feel, and Tilt Method

The simplest way for detecting fake bills is by using the look and feel. You have to understand the texture of the real currency. Once you realize it, you don’t need any device for detection. Examine the bill closely under good light. Then check the color changing on the note. Besides, tilting the bill in different angles provides certain security features and it is difficult to duplicate. 

Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light is very effective to identify the security thread and other elements on the bill. Genuine currency shows some specific color when ultraviolet light falls under the notes. But fake bills don’t glow under UV light, rather it will remain the same. 


Magnifying glass is also very helpful to find the security threads and microprinting on the bills. Some counterfeit bills have blurry and uneven lines in the bills. It is easily viewable in the magnification.

Counterfeit Detection Pens

Counterfeit detection pens are a popular tool. Retailers and businesses use it to determine quickly. The pens contain a special ink. It reacts with the color of the real currency. But fake bills don’t change the color. Thus you can identify counterfeit bills.

Where to Get Undetectable Counterfeit Money for Sale

Authentic Worldwide Notes is the best place to get counterfeit money for sale. They are a team of experts who specialize in producing real looking counterfeit money for sale.

At The Bottom

Counterfeit bills pose a significant threat to businesses and the economy as a whole. However, by educating yourself and your staff, using effective detection methods, and implementing preventative measures, you can safeguard your business against this dangerous crime. Remember to always stay alert and report any suspicious activity immediately to the authorities. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and help keep counterfeit money out of circulation. 

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