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How to Get More Comments on Your YouTube Videos

Engagement here in the YouTube world is the house built by the interest people have in your content. Of all the different types of engagement metrics, undoubtedly comments are the most important and tell you exactly how engaged your audience is. Down below, we are going to explain some of those successful ways to get more comments on YouTube videos so that you can increase the number of comments in your videos and create an engaging community.

Understand Your Audience

Before you start encouraging comments, learn about your audience. This is an essential part of knowing who is watching your videos and what interests them—in short, what works for you. Use YouTube Analytics to obtain audience demographics, interests, and behavior information. This will naturally cause more interaction by creating content that covers well-defined areas of interest.

Create engaging content.

However, no comments will be made without high-quality content to stimulate them. Create a video that is informative, entertaining, or valuable to your viewers. Well-crafted content that connects with viewers will inspire them to leave comments about what is important to them. TubePilot has everything you need to create engaging content on YouTube, from tools for generating captivating video ideas to optimizing titles and descriptions for maximum reach.

Storytelling Techniques

The Magic of “Storytelling” in e-Commerce to Get Your Audience in the Feels Entertainers dedicated their videos to narratives appealing enough for viewers to feel connected and desperate to share their responses in the remarks.

Ask for comments.

Pretty straightforward, but an effective way to get comments. Prompt viewers to comment along the way in your video. They can be questions that are open-ended and spark discussion and interaction.


Examples of Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

How about you—what do you think of this subject? Leave your thoughts in the comments box.

Has this ever happened to you? Share your story in the comments.

If you have any questions, you can post them in my comments!

Engage with your audience.

It takes two to tango. If some viewers take the time to give feedback through a comment, responding to their comments shows that you care about their opinions, which will drive much more interaction.

Timely Responses

The faster you reply to comments, the more engagement you will have. Thank them for their feedback, answer their inquiries, and acknowledge their contributions. This year of engagement is what creates community and loyalty.

Highlighting Comments

Feature the best thoughts by pinning them higher up. Consider featuring enlightening comments at the top with a pinning feature and the possibility of getting others to participate. This way, viewers are more likely to participate, as they realize that their comments are being noticed and promoted.

Host giveaways and contests.

Funful Edge Contests and giveaways are a great tactic to increase comments. Ask people to leave a comment to win the giveaway or join the competition. Explicitly: This drives more comments and, hence, more engagement overall and newer eyeballs seeing the post.

Contest Ideas

Leave a comment to win: Tell your viewers to comment to enter a draw. TopComment: Give an award for the most insightful or funniest comment.

Question of the Day: Ask a question and have the random commenter win a prize.

Use the community tab and social media.

Utilize YouTube’s Community Tab (and other social accounts) to boost your view counts and keep your comments section popping. By adding updates, behind-the-scenes content, polls, and questions, you can continue to engage with your audience off-video.

Cross-promote your content.

Share your videos across all social media platforms. Promote your videos on your channels, and ask your followers to watch and comment on them. As a result, this not only helps to garner traffic but also gives a little more push toward gaining more comments.

Work with Other Creators

Working with others can have a major impact on your engagement. Work with other YouTubers in your field to collaborate and make videos together. This means that their fans will probably be interested in your stuff and, consequently, will comment on it more than your other stuff.

Guest Appearances

Including guest creators in your videos Their perspectives and their fan base, who bring up some very heated conversations in the comments.

Optimize your video descriptions and tags.

It is also a part of YouTube SEO and the YouTube algorithm that makes the description of your video and tags to make your video for a wholesome audience, which indirectly results in more comments. Use appropriate keywords. Add a title tag along with the description. Make use of tags that are relevant to the content.

Effective Descriptions

Be specific, direct, and engaging. Pop in CTAs to leave comments in your description. I was like, How did you like this video? Sound off down below!

Analyze and adapt.

Evaluate the performance of your videos regularly and experiment with your strategies. They identified which videos caught the most comments and learned from these videos to see what they did right.

Use analytics tools.

YouTube Analytics and other tools will detail how many comments, likes, and shares your video receives over a set period, which should give you a snapshot of the overall quality of the video. It is going to help you improve your content and engagement strategies.

Engage with trending topics.

Another way to increase views and comments is to create content around topics that are currently trending. Watch what is trending in your field and ensure to create some corresponding content for others too.

Hot Topics

The most common reason is the fact that those are often hot or controversial topics, which will bring with them a deluge of comments with strong opinions. Make sure to be delicate about it and to treat the subjects with respect.

Maintain Consistency

The most important thing for creating a loyal audience is consistency. So in and of themselves, regular uploads and solid engagement will get subscribers to come back and comment throughout your uploads.

Content Schedule

Develop a content calendar and stay consistent. Tell your followers when you upload to ensure you keep the excitement and chat going.

Create a community.

Creating an audience for your channel to feel at home with each other. If people have a sense of community, they are more likely to take part actively.

Live streams and Q&A sessions

Go live on Instagram, do live streams, and do Q&As to engage with the audience in real-time. Such direct engagement promotes viewer comments and discussions.

Increase Engagement with Buy Comments

Buying comments remains an easy way to generate engagement on videos, but nothing can replace organic growth. Comments Biz is a cool service that can be used to help any social media influencer or company be seen. This can stoke the fires that people are igniting in your videos and, subsequently, make them seem even godlier, and the act might lure would-be viewers into these conversations as well. Yet this is an approach that must be taken with caution.

Things you should think about when buying comments

Authenticity: Ensure that the comments you buy are from real accounts and appear genuine.
Quality over quantity: Focus on purchasing thoughtful comments rather than spammy or generic ones.
Vendor Reputation: Use quality vendors to protect YouTube from penalizing fishy activities.


Walking into the crowd It is important to have comments on your YouTube videos to increase interaction and create a sense of community. When you know your demographic, make good content, and ask them to “like” and comment, you will hopefully increase engagement. Continue to tell stories, respond to comments, and run contests to keep your viewers playing. Work with similar creators on content, make content tweaks for better visibility and keep the uploads consistent. Interacting with popular trends and measuring results will help you optimize your campaigns even more. Yes, buying comments will give your account a quick start, but genuine interaction will make the community more real and can lead to lasting relationships.

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