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Cider Aficionado’s Guide to Sipping Some of the Best Ciders in the World

Welcome, cider enthusiasts of all walks – from the novice who has just started exploring the wondrous world of fermented apple nectars, to the veritable aficionado who serenades a bottle of cider with as much adoration as Orpheus did Eurydice. Today we’re plunging into an intrigue as effervescent as the beverage itself. Whether you’re sipping under an orchard’s canopy or in the bustling corner of a cider bar, this guide is your compass through the apple-scented expanses where every day feels like ‘cider & sun’ day!

Types of Ciders Around the Globe

It’s common knowledge that when it comes to wines, the terroir of the grape plays a pivotal role in defining its taste profile. Guess what, boozy brethren? Cider’s no different. From the dry ciders of Spain, which evoke dusty sunshine on the plains, to the misty, super-sweet scrumpies of England that taste of emerald meadows, each type is a geography lesson in a glass.

Spanish Sidra

Sidra from the Asturian and Basque regions is as much about the ritual as the drinking. The ‘escanciado’ technique of pouring from a height isn’t just for show; it’s for the burst of aroma that heralds the coming fiesta on your palate.

British Scrumpy

Scrumpy is to the English cider scene what a squall is to the sea – it’s tempestuous and untamed. Notes of overripe apple, slight sourness, and a touch of barn funk (yes, barn funk!) make for an almost rebellious drinking experience.

French Cidre Bouche

If British cider is a tempest, then Cidre Bouche is an opera. Mellow, sophisticated, and sometimes heady, it’s like sipping the soft sways of Norman orchards, and occasionally, the snappish bite of Champagne yeast.

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Cider Tasting 101 – The Art of Imbibing Elegance

Just as you wouldn’t down a glass of vintage wine without a second thought, the nuanced world of cider tasting is an art that rewards patience and presence. Follow these three simple steps to make your tasting sessions sublime.


Appreciate the colour – from the pale, straw-like hues to the more robust, rosy amber tones. The clarity should be, well, crystal – cloudy only if nature intended.


Give it a hearty swirl and bury your nose in – but not too deep, we’re not looking for a cider capsize here. Identify the aroma. Is it a floral, rich, or a fruity bouquet that tickles your olfactory?


Now’s the time to take a sip. Hold it on your tongue – is it sweet or dry? Do the apples pop like a pow of tartness? And the mouthfeel – is it as light as a whisper or as rich as custard?

How to Choose Quality Ciders

While the world of ciders can be as unpredictable as it is delightful, there are a few signposts for quality that every cider explorer should be aware of. Look for ciders with:


  • No added sugars
  • Natural fermentation
  • Minimal filtration for those heartwarming bits of apple
  • An ABV that tells a story of balance and body

Cheers to you, new Adventures of the apple scorn. Remember, the world of cider is as varied as the seasons, and there’s always a new taste waiting round the corner. Now go forth, and may the ciders be in your favour!

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