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Achieve Your Perfect Smile with All Smiles Dentistry

Our Commitment to Your Dental Health

Meet the Team: Dedicated Professionals at Your Service

At All Smiles Dentistry, we take pride in our team’s unwavering commitment to dental excellence. Our professionals are not just experts in their field; they are passionate about making a positive impact on every patient’s life. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and a compassionate approach to dental care, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Our team’s dedication is reflected in the smiles of our patients. We believe that a great dental team is the cornerstone of outstanding dental health and patient satisfaction.

Our team is led by Dr. Annie Pham, a visionary in dental care, and supported by Drs. Heidi Lee, Nancy Tang, and Samuel Choi, each bringing their own expertise in general dentistry to the practice. Together, they work seamlessly to provide comprehensive care that meets your individual needs.

  • Dr. Annie Pham, D.D.S. – Founder and Lead Dentist
  • Dr. Heidi Lee, D.D.S. – General Dentistry
  • Dr. Nancy Tang, D.D.S. – General Dentistry
  • Dr. Samuel Choi, D.M.D. – General Dentistry

We understand that your time is valuable, especially in the fast-paced environment of Silicon Valley. That’s why we’ve streamlined our processes to ensure that your visit is efficient, without compromising the quality of care. From the moment you step into our state-of-the-art facility, you’ll feel at ease knowing that you’re in capable hands.

State-of-the-Art Technology for Advanced Dental Care

At All Smiles Dentistry, we pride ourselves on integrating state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive the most advanced dental care possible. Our cutting-edge equipment, like the digital scanner that creates 3D images of your teeth and monitors cavities in real time, is just one example of how we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dentistry.

Our technology suite includes:

  • Digital X-rays for less radiation exposure
  • Intraoral cameras for detailed tooth imaging
  • Advanced sterilization techniques for uncompromising cleanliness

Embracing innovation is at the heart of our practice. We continually invest in the latest dental technologies to improve the accuracy of diagnoses, the efficiency of treatments, and the comfort of our patients.

With these technological advancements, we not only meet but exceed OSHA standards for cleanliness and safety. Our commitment to your dental health is unwavering, and we believe that our investment in technology is a testament to that promise.

A Focus on Individual Care for Optimal Results

At All Smiles Dentistry, we understand that each patient is unique, with specific needs and goals for their dental health. Our personalized approach ensures that every treatment plan is tailored to the individual, providing the best possible outcomes. We take the time to listen to your concerns, evaluate your oral health comprehensively, and craft a care plan that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of dental health
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Consideration of patient lifestyle and preferences
  • Ongoing support and guidance

Our commitment to individual care is not just about achieving optimal dental results; it’s about fostering a trusting relationship where patients feel valued and understood. We believe this is the cornerstone of exceptional dental care.

By focusing on individual care, we not only enhance your smile but also ensure that your dental experience is comfortable, stress-free, and positive. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the support and guidance you need every step of the way.

Comprehensive Dental Services Offered

General Dentistry: The Foundation of Oral Health

At All Smiles Dentistry, we believe that general dentistry is the cornerstone of maintaining a healthy and radiant smile. Our general dentistry services in Jacksonville are designed to prevent dental issues before they arise, ensuring your oral health is always at its best. With a focus on regular check-ups and cleanings, we provide the essential care that forms the foundation of your dental well-being.

Our services include a range of procedures that cater to the needs of our patients:

  • Consultations
  • Preventive care
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Complex extractions
  • Endosseous dental implants
  • Complex prosthodontics
  • Management of acute dental infections
  • Treatment of orofacial trauma

We understand that each patient’s needs are unique, and our team is committed to providing personalized care that targets your specific dental health goals. Whether you’re coming in for a routine cleaning or a more complex procedure, you can trust that you’re in good hands with our experienced professionals.

For those seeking general dentistry in Jacksonville, All Smiles Dentistry is your trusted partner. We invite you to join our family of satisfied patients and experience the difference that comprehensive, patient-focused care can make.

Emergency Dental Solutions: Ready When You Need Us

When dental emergencies strike, the team at All Smiles Dentistry is prepared to provide immediate care, including wisdom teeth removal in Jacksonville. Our emergency services are designed to address urgent dental needs promptly and efficiently, ensuring that you can get back to your life with minimal disruption.

At All Smiles Dentistry, we understand that dental emergencies can be stressful and often occur at the most inconvenient times. That’s why our clinic offers extended hours and same-day appointments to accommodate unexpected situations.

Our emergency dental services include, but are not limited to:

  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Dental accidents and trauma
  • Tooth extractions
  • Swollen jaw or abscessed tooth
  • Broken fillings or crowns

For those experiencing severe pain or discomfort, our skilled dentists are equipped to perform necessary procedures swiftly, with a focus on your comfort and well-being. Remember, when it comes to dental emergencies, time is of the essence. Contact us immediately for expert care.

Cosmetic Procedures: Enhancing Your Smile’s Aesthetics

At All Smiles Dentistry, we understand that a beautiful smile can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself. Our cosmetic procedures are designed to enhance your smile’s aesthetics, ensuring that you leave our office with a renewed sense of confidence.

Our range of cosmetic services includes:

  • Teeth whitening for a brighter, more radiant smile
  • Porcelain veneers to correct imperfections and create uniformity
  • Dental bonding to repair chips or cracks and improve tooth shape
  • Invisalign clear aligners for discreet teeth straightening

We believe that everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of, and our team is committed to making that a reality for each of our patients.

Each treatment is tailored to meet your individual needs and goals. Our experienced dentists will work with you to create a personalized plan that aligns with your vision of the perfect smile.

Patient Experiences and Testimonials

Real Stories from Satisfied Patients

At All Smiles Dentistry, we believe that the true measure of our success is reflected in the experiences of our patients. Their stories of transformation and satisfaction are the heart of our practice. Each testimonial is a testament to the dedication and skill of our team, and we’re proud to share a glimpse into the impact we’ve made on their lives.

  • April 20: “The staff are very nice, and could handle a patient well.”
  • March 3: “I honestly would rather come here than go to any other dentist I’ve seen in town.”

Our patients are more than just procedures; they are part of our family. We cherish being a part of their life’s journey, which is why some even fly back from out of state just for a checkup with us.

We invite you to become a part of our story, where every smile is a milestone, and every patient’s happiness is our ultimate goal.

How We’ve Made a Difference: Patient Transformations

At All Smiles Dentistry, we take pride in the transformative experiences our patients undergo. Our commitment to personalized dental care not only improves smiles but also enhances overall confidence and quality of life. We’ve witnessed remarkable changes in our patients, from restored dental health to complete cosmetic makeovers.

The journey to a perfect smile is unique for each individual, and we celebrate every milestone with our patients.

Our patient transformations are not just about the procedures; they’re about the relationships we build and the trust we earn. Here’s a glimpse into the impact we’ve made:

  • Long-term patients who consider us part of their life journey.
  • Individuals who travel from out of state just for our trusted care.
  • Success stories of increased treatment acceptance and patient satisfaction.

These are the reasons why our patients choose Perfect Smile Dental Care time and again. We’re not just creating smiles; we’re creating lasting relationships and a community of happy, healthy patients.

Why Our Patients Choose Perfect Smile Dental Care

At Perfect Smile Dental Care, we understand that choosing a dental provider is a significant decision that impacts not only your oral health but also your overall well-being. Our patients trust us for our unwavering commitment to their dental health, personalized care, and the use of advanced technology in a comfortable environment.

  • Personalized Attention: Each patient receives individualized treatment plans tailored to their unique needs.
  • Advanced Technology: We employ the latest dental technologies for precise diagnostics and treatments.
  • Comfortable Environment: Our office is designed to make your dental experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
  • Professional Expertise: Our team of dedicated professionals is highly trained and passionate about delivering the best dental care.

Choosing the right dental care provider is crucial for maintaining a healthy smile. At Perfect Smile Dental Care, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, ensuring that every visit is a positive step towards achieving your perfect smile.

Planning Your Visit to Perfect Smile Dental Care

Easy Appointment Scheduling for New and Returning Patients

At All Smiles Dentistry, we understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve streamlined the appointment process to ensure easy scheduling for new and returning patients. Whether you’re booking your first visit or a routine check-up, our system is designed to accommodate your needs efficiently.

Our goal is to minimize your wait time and maximize your convenience. From real-time appointment booking to downloadable new patient forms, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how you can schedule your appointment:

  • Call our office during business hours for immediate assistance.
  • Use our online booking system to find a time that suits you.
  • For new patients, download and complete your forms in advance to save time.

Remember, if you require a follow-up or referral, our booking clerks are here to help you arrange any future appointments. Your dental health journey is just an appointment away!

What to Expect During Your First Visit

Embarking on your journey to a perfect smile begins with your first visit to All Smiles Dentistry. We prioritize a warm welcome and a thorough understanding of your dental history to ensure a tailored experience. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff and asked to fill out some forms to help us better understand your dental needs and medical history.

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork.
  • Bring a list of any medications you are currently taking.
  • Have your dental insurance information ready.

During your appointment, you’ll meet various members of our dental team, including dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants. Each plays a vital role in your dental care journey. The length of your visit may vary depending on the services required, but rest assured, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care without rushing your experience.

At All Smiles Dentistry, we believe that every patient deserves personalized attention. Your first visit is the perfect opportunity for us to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and set the stage for a lasting relationship built on trust and exceptional care.

Navigating Dental Care: Insurance and Payment Options

Understanding the financial aspect of dental care is crucial for a stress-free experience. At All Smiles Dentistry, we offer a variety of financing options to ensure that you can focus on achieving your perfect smile without the worry of payment. Our options include major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, as well as HSA & FSA accounts, and financing through CareCredit and LendingPoint.

We believe that financial concerns should never be a barrier to quality dental care. That’s why we’ve designed our payment options to be flexible and accommodating to your needs.

Navigating your dental insurance can be complex, but our team is here to assist you every step of the way. We are in-network with a wide range of carriers and will work with you to maximize your benefits. Our experts will handle the filing of claims, allowing you to enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience.

For those without insurance, we offer an In-House Membership Plan. Joining our discount club can lead to significant savings on dental care, making it an excellent option for ensuring continued oral health.

Joining the Perfect Smile Family

Our Values and Philosophy: A Patient-Centric Approach

At All Smiles Dentistry, we believe that the heart of exceptional dental care lies in a patient-centric approach. Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that every patient’s needs are unique, and we strive to cater to those individual requirements with empathy and precision. Our values are not just about providing treatments; they’re about fostering relationships and being a part of your life’s journey.

  • We prioritize your dental health as a crucial aspect of your overall well-being.
  • Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality and convenient dental care.
  • We ensure a comfortable and welcoming environment for all our patients.

Our mission is to enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of our community through dedicated dental care.

For over two decades, All Smiles Dentistry has served a diverse community, from Silicon Valley professionals to young families and seasoned executives. We understand the demands of modern life and the challenges it can pose to maintaining dental health. That’s why we’ve refined every aspect of the patient experience, ensuring that from the moment you step into our clinic, you feel valued and cared for.

Stay Connected: Follow Us for Updates and Oral Health Tips

In today’s digital age, staying informed and connected with your dental care provider is easier than ever. Follow All Smiles Dentistry on various social media platforms to receive the latest updates, oral health tips, and exclusive offers. Our online presence is designed to extend the care you receive at our clinic into your daily life, ensuring you have access to valuable dental health information at your fingertips.

At All Smiles Dentistry, we believe in the power of community and information sharing. By following us, you become part of a larger family dedicated to promoting dental health awareness.

To make it simple for you to stay in the loop, here’s a quick guide to our social media channels:

  • Facebook: Get to know the team and join our community events.
  • Twitter: Quick tips and dental news in bite-sized posts.
  • Instagram: Before and after smiles, plus behind-the-scenes peeks.
  • YouTube: Educational videos and patient testimonials.
  • Pinterest: Inspiration for maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile.

Remember, a well-informed patient is a healthier patient. We’re just a click away, ready to support your journey to the perfect smile.

Become a Part of Our Community: Events and Offers

At Perfect Smile Dental Care, we believe in nurturing a close-knit community where patients are more than just appointments on our calendar. Becoming a part of our community means access to exclusive events and special offers that we tailor to our family of patients. We regularly host educational workshops, fun family events, and patient appreciation days to thank you for your trust in us.

We’re excited to offer a range of benefits that kick in the moment you join us. From discounts on services to special rates for family additions, we’re committed to providing value that goes beyond dental care.

Here’s a glimpse of the current offers you can enjoy as a member of our community:

  • 50% discount on sealants
  • 15% discount on selected services
  • Discounted rates for adding family members

Remember, these benefits start immediately, and we’re always looking for ways to enhance them. Stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter and never miss out on what’s new at Perfect Smile Dental Care.


At All Smiles Dentistry, we understand that your smile is a vital part of your identity and well-being. Our dedicated team, led by the esteemed Dr. Annie Pham and supported by skilled practitioners like Dr. Heidi Lee, Dr. Nancy Tang, and Dr. Samuel Choi, is committed to providing personalized, high-quality dental care to ensure you achieve the perfect smile you deserve. With state-of-the-art technology, a patient-focused approach, and a range of services to address all your dental needs, we invite you to experience the difference at our Santa Clara office. Your journey towards a beautiful, confident smile begins with us. Book your appointment today and let us help you smile with pride.

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